The real preventive anti-puncture solution

Protect Tyre is an international brand of ProtecPneu

PROTECT TYRE in 3 points


PROTECT TYRE is a revolutionary anti-puncture preventive. It guarantees protection against the punctures usually caused on the tread.

Easy to use

The use of PROTECT TYRE is to inject our anti-puncture product inside the tire without you having to disassemble it.

Certified product

PROTECT TYRE has obtained the SGS certification guaranteeing unbeaten driving at over 90 km/h on the road and 130 km/h on the motorway.

Presentation of PROTECT TYRE

PROTECT TYRE is a preventive and an anti-puncture solution administered in all tubeless or tubular tires (cars, trucks, public works vehicles, civil and agricultural engineering, motorcycles, bicycles, etc …). It thus guarantees protection against punctures, generally caused on the tread, during the entire regulatory life of the tire.

PROTECT TYRE is homogeneously distributed in the tire and remains fluid, thus guaranteeing unbalanced driving at more than 90 km / h on the road and 130 km / h on the motorway. Its excellent thermal conductivity stabilizes the temperature of the tread and limits any overheating of your tire.

How does PROTECT TYRE work ?

The installation of PROTECT TYRE, very easy to use, consists of injecting our anti-puncture product inside the tire without you having to disassemble it. Note that the amount of product varies depending on the tire type and size.

In the event of a puncture, the fibers contained in PROTECT TYRE obstruct the orifice with solid particles by a natural phenomenon (air that escapes from the inside to the outside of the tire).

The reticulars contained in PROTECT TYRE seal the fibers together by polymerization in the open air and fix them to the wall of the orifice. It is a chemical phase by gluing the fibers together and the tire is thus permanently preserved.

3 colors, 3 ranges

Blue Range

PROTECT TYRE BLUE has been specially designed for road and high-speed vehicles (over 80 km/h). Its use has been tested by SGS.

Red Range

PROTECT TYRE RED has been specially designed for off-road vehicles (Public Works, Civil Engineering, Agricultural, Quads, Motocross, etc.) and at low speeds (less than 80 km/h). It will protect you from punctures on rugged and hostile terrain.

Green Range

PROTECT TYRE GREEN has been specially designed for small vehicles travelling in green environments (gardens, parks, forests, country trails, etc.). It allows maximum protection against all small punctures (thorns, needles, nails, etc.). It reduces the anxiety and stress of repairs on the roadside. Finally, you drive quiet.

Usage tips

conseil utilisation protect tyre
  1. Shake the product;     
  2. Introduce the valve at mid-height of the tire, dismantle the shell using the supplied hammer;     
  3. Allow the tire to deflate completely;     
  4. Put the hose on the valve;     
  5. Inject the correct quantity of product into the tire according to the size of the tire;     
  6. Clean the valve and screw the shell;     
  7. Re-inflate the tire at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer;     
  8. Replace the valve cap in its place;     
  9. Rotate the wheel so that the product can coat the tread.

For tires with partial wear, check the balancing of the wheels before injecting the PROTECT TYRE product to avoid unbalance.


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